Platoon Services

housePlatoon Securitas offers complete guarding services for corporate and industries. Services include security screening at the gate and maintaining visitors’ entry, car-park traffic management and security, co-handling the reception along with the receptionist, guarding warehouse / storage areas, escorting cash / goods in transit, continuous patrolling, handling control room, CCTV and alarm monitoring, lone worker management etc.

Platoon also specializes in crisis management/ fraud prevention and investigation. This involves mob-control and organized evacuation during emergencies, routine employee security checks, continuous vigilance and maintaining a lost and found section. In the event of property theft being reported, our personnel are trained to take on more aggressive screening and security measures.

Value-added services offered are fire-rescue, safety, first-aid, preliminary paramedic support, performing potential health & safety hazard checks and handling out of hours telephone calls.


Mapping the need of E- Surveillance with changing culture of corporate, Platoon provide eagle eye surveillance to all our client with much advance & latest e surveillance devices  with the professional monitoring the site 24/7.


We provide a state-of-the-art video surveillance system. You specify the level of security your assets requires. We supply a turnkey system that delivers it. Assets Protection, Inc. will purchase, install and maintain the equipment. Your facility will be monitored 24/7. And regardless of the system’s size or complexity.

Events of any scale, especially those that involve large participation, are susceptible to several types of threats such as fire, bombs, theft, stampede, brawls, accidents and emergency health-conditions like heart-attacks etc. Prior to the event Platoon security personnel draw up a security plan keeping the venue arrangements in mind. They identify vulnerable areas and strengthen security arrangements. During the event, the personnel are well-connected and in case of an emergency can call for action and coordinate at once not only amongst each other but also with external emergency help providers such as ambulance, police and fire departments.

On the ground, Platoon personnel are extremely agile and vigilant. They are quick to identity pockets of vulnerability and notoriety even before any sort of emergency sparks off. Platoon personnel take charge of these areas ahead as a preventive step. We are also strong at mob-control and can ensure that no case of chaos occurs. Platoon is equipped to offer event security service at its best with / without the help of surveillance equipments, CCTV and control room

Event relevant value-add services that our personnel are equipped to handle include ticket checking, escort of celebrities, chief-guests, fire-rescue, first-aid and preliminary paramedic support, car-park traffic management and valet services

We are providing Gunman services. Looking at the scenario today, security has become essential.We provide our clients with gunman for corporate & business houses, legal agencies, bank, insurance companies, multinationals,co-operative firms,homes,shopping malls,housing & co-operative societies.We are the best service provider who provides the best services of Security for various industries

Understating the value of human life, we offer the best Gun Man to our valued clients. Gun Man offered by us are super trained & offer complete safety & security to our clients. The security guards provided by us are physically fit and properly trained to handle critical cases.

Platoon Securitas offers body guard security services on hire to individuals who are vulnerable and require protection due to their high position, fame, wealth, or threat from other parties. This service is available to clients on temporary on-hire basis as well as on long-term contract basis depending on the safety needs. VIPs, celebrities, top business men, politicians particularly benefit from this line of services. Individuals, on threat from rivals such as jealous ex-spouse, relative in wealth dispute, neighbor in quarrel; also find this service extremely useful.

Value-added services that our Body Guards / Bouncers are equipped to offer in the event of an emergency are first-aid and preliminary paramedic support, basic weapon-training to the clients and chauffeur services.

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We provide end-to-end design and engineering solutions ranging from new product development and introduction, technical documentation, and engineering design and analysis, to support for technical infrastructure such as product lifecycle management and computer aided design  tool customization.

We are recognized for our excellent facility maintenance services, knowledge, expertise and ability to share and implement best cleaning and hygiene practices. We follow systematic planning and procedures for services we provide. We conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys and periodic audits. Our Quality Assurance team ensures excellent eco-friendly cleaning solutions as per Client’s specific requirements as on major sites of Wills Life style stores Pan India.