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We are fortunate enough to have such wonderful security company on board with us. They have wonderful team. They take their job very seriously and put their heart and soul into it. They make a difficult job seem effortless, therefore, they must be commended. Five years back we started with them from one store, looking at the services and the prompt response they provide today they are partner with us at more than 13 locations spread all across North India.

Rajiv Ohri - Corporate Operation Head – North India (Future Group)

We want to thank you so much for the commendable support and cooperation you demonstrated during Flat 60% sale at both the places Banglore on Sunday Sept. 28th,2016 and on Sunday Oct. 9th,2016 in Delhi. It couldn't have been easy to mobilize all of the staff that you did, only to have them stand down on the final day.

Amrita Wali - Corporate Operation Head All India (Forever 21)

Providing customized solution to the client is the DNA of Platoon Securtias. They provide nothing but the excellent services from all the aspects of security coverage. The staff they employ are dependable, responsible and knowledgeable.

Team at the Platoon Securitas has the strong values, ethics and behaviour that describe and underpin the way they undertake their business activities. Reliability, Integrity, Responsiveness, Flexibility, Continuous Improvement and Commitment to Excellence are the Core Values they have which is the mantra they could grow phenomenally in such a short span of time.

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